PREM Ovation Awards 2021

On March 12th 2021, we celebrated our second annual PREM Ovation Awards. Our teams across the United Kingdom and Ireland joined the online awards ceremony to congratulate our colleagues who have demonstrated excellent leadership, positive attitude, competence, dedication, empathy, understanding, innovation and adaptability – qualities all needed in these uncertain times, more than ever before. […]

Why Working In The Hospitality Industry Is Unique

Viking Hotel Waterford Receptionist

Why are you choosing a job in the hospitality industry? Maybe you love the idea of a flexible work environment, bringing a balance of work and home life together? Perhaps you just love to help people and want to give each guest the very best experience in your country? There are many things that makes […]

Learning & Developing During A Pandemic

PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam Notebook

What have you learned in 2020? Lockdown and restrictions came unexpectedly early in the year, leaving so many out of work and unable to plan past the end of the week. Now, 8 months after the beginning of the biggest pandemic the world has known, what have you achieved? Don’t let 2020 be a total […]

Interview Tips For A Virtual Interview

PREMIER SUITES Newcastle laptop with notepad and phone

2020 has been a year of huge change. We have had to adapt the way we work, change our work environments and communicate mainly through technology, embracing modern practices and software we have never used before. It has also been a year of huge unemployment meaning more and more people will be interviewing for new […]